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Greetings Everyone! Creative Minds and Angels_N_Brats are NOW ALLIANCE! Great huh? it's just because the two guild shared resources, Creative Minds don't have website but have forum and Angels_N_Brats don't have forum but have website. The website maker named Cells from Angels_N_Brats and the forum maker named Keiramoshi from Creative Minds made this decision. So, Creative Minds and Angels_N_Brats are now in only one website and in one forum. Here's the new URLs - • - WEBSITE: - • - FORUM: - • - So DON'T BE LONELY! Remember, MORE MEMBERS! MORE FUN! Enjoy Posting. - • - Powered by: Keiramoshi and Cells

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 W W W W W W W W W W

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PostSubject: W W W W W W W W W W   Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:21 am

Webley Webs | Webley | East Dream Forest
Webley’s Spell | Webley | East Dream Forest
White Dye Guide | Clothes Merchant | Beijing
White Lily | Giant White Lily |West Zodiac Pass
Willow | Spiral Wood | Sanrio Harbor
Wind Bell Fruit | Big Wind Bell Tree | Middle Secret Peak
Wind Bell Wart | Big Wind Bell Tree | Middle Secret Peak
Wind Bell Wood| Big Wind Bell Tree | Middle Secret Peak
Withered Crystal Petal | Crystallized Rose| Twinkle Pass
Withered Fruit | Hedgehog Vine | Windy Pathway
Withered Grains | Grains | West Florapolis Valley
Withered Nightshade | Black Nightshade | South Wind Grassland
Withered Roots | Pink Kaolit | The Prairie
Withered Thorny Vines | Hedgehog Vine | Windy Pathway, South Secret Peak
Wood Polish | House Item Merchant | Paris
Wooden Button | Materials Merchant | Paris
Wooden Frames* | Materials Merchant | Paris
Wooden Handle* | Materials Merchant | Paris
Wooly’s Comfort | Wooly | The Maze Plain
Worryworm’s Powder | Worryworm | East Stars Plain
Worryworm’s Slime | Worryworm | East Stars Plain
Wulver’s Bandages | Wulver | South Secret Peak
Wulver’s Comfort | Wulver | South Secret Peak
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